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Monday, August 11, 2008

What A Ride

You never really know where this road will take you. You could wind up in Tibet, or the Ukraine, or maybe even in Virginia. Life takes many different twists and turns, so it makes you wonder, how do you make sense of it? Can you? Should you? I say yes to all three.

Try to stop trying to figure it out. Life is one of those things that needs a good plan, lots of preparation, and the freedom to toss it all to the wind for what may lie around the bend. This does tend to make many uncomfortable. They like their nice charts, their schedules, and contingency plans. They tend to see what I speak of as risk that needs to be assessed and weighed before being able to determine if it is worth it. I call it faith. Mind you, I'm not speaking of blind "devil-may-care" type of just going with it, but I am speaking to running headlong as fast as you can away from logic and common sense when God leads you to. Who cares if they say it's stupid, it is exactly this foolishness that confounds the wisdom of men. Jason Upton spoke once and said, "Wisdom is justified by her children." They don't see it as wisdom, until the children arrive, and then they're all behind you--rooting you on. Too bad they couldn't see it before, they may have been changed by it.

All this to say, don't let logic, fear, plans, or common sense stop you from being where God has called you to be. No matter where that is. You'll be glad you offended those you love for the faith Jesus placed in you, and the offense will only be temporary (once they see the children, they'll come around).


bohdsma said...

Have you been to Ukraine?

jordangay said...

I knew this would be a good one to read, sir. =] I had fun with your wife, daughter, and adopted daughter the other night. I hope school is treating you well. Keep writing and being amazing for Christ. =]

Jordan Ledbetter

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